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"Alex is not only a highly skilled cellist but also an excellent teacher. He gives clear and focused instructions that have helped my skills tremendously in a relatively short period of time. Alex is a very patient and sympathetic teacher and he understands what instructions will help me the best. He is always friendly and professional. His combination of knowledge and teaching ability makes him one of the best instructors I have had."


Michael Ritchie

Bothell, WA



"Alex Ho is a wonderful cello teacher, particularly adept at encouraging an older adult beginner on this wonderful instrument. He was patient with my struggles, and thoughtfully flexible in helping me overcome the challenges presented. This 63-year old highly recommends Alex for any level, for any age."


Michele Coad

Seattle, WA



"Last year, we were looking for a cello teacher for our 6 year old. The late Toby Saks, professor of cello at University of Washington, highly recommended Alex to us as being a very talented teacher who was very good with kids. We have been very impressed with Alex in his teaching style as working with young kids can be very challenging. We have been very happy with the progress my son is making and most of all he is having fun!!!"


Sonya Ou

Seattle, WA



"Max has been studying cello with Alex for almost a year, and I cannot be more excited about his progress. Max’s middle school conductor has noticed vast improvements in his form and technique since working with Alex. Alex’s devotion to music is contagious and he has cultivated in Max a true respect for the instrument and the music process. Max has learned to appreciate music in a deeper way and yearns to expose himself to live cello performances regularly. Alex and Max had an immediate rapport, and as a parent, I am delighted that my son can spend time with this professional, talented young man each week. Max looks forward to his lessons as the highlight of his week."


Melanie Pickering

Issaquah, WA



"I have been taking lessons with Alex for almost year now - I was a beginner with marginal experience with the cello, and nearly zero experience with music theory. He taught me to love to play, and practice, and listen to my own music, even when I'm making mistakes. He is supportive and encouraging when he sees that I've put in the work reach a goal- and he's been helpful in setting goals!It has become incredibly clear to me, that teaching is his forte. He teaches with passion, and empathy, I always feel like he will communicate a point to me in ways that I can understand. His personality is relaxed and down to earth, yet his teaching style he is incredibly organized, well-informed, and he uses and imparts to me helpful tools and methodology that I can use to supplement my practice - I admire how he will hold me accountable for participating in my education, making me even more proud when I've reached an achievement! Alex is an incredible teacher, and a wonderful person- I am so grateful that he is my teacher!"


Catleah Cunanan

Seattle, WA

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